About Us

Patricia Jackson

Hello, I’m Patricia!  Welcome to Jackson & Jackson Hypnotic Bedtime Stories and the magical world of Wobbly Bottom Wood & Blueberry Cottage. Hypnotherapy is one of my passions as well as writing.

I can’t begin to tell you just how much I’ve enjoyed creating these enchanting hypnotic bedtime stories.  I’m so lucky to be working alongside my daughter Suzannah, thanks to her my lifelong ambition to be an author has been realised.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist for over 20 years and an EFT Practitioner for over 10, and have enjoyed training with some of the worlds top therapists including Gary Craig the late Ormond McGill. I’ve been married for over 45 years and as well my two adult children I also have three beautiful grandchildren.

I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of clients overcome their problems such as stress, phobias, childhood trauma, weight loss, addictions, self confidence, bereavement, and much more.

I’m confident that your child can overcome their problems and fears simply by listening again and again to a comforting and enjoyable hypnotic bedtime story. All this without realising that they are actually receiving effective, safe therapy in the comfort of their own home.



Suzannah Jackson

Hello, I’m Suzannah!  I’m a Mum to three young children and a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner).

I asked my Mum if she could write and record a hypnotic story for my little girl to help her with a problem she was having a few years ago.  I played the story to her at bedtime for a few nights and the difference it made was incredible!

So, when my little boy was having trouble sleeping, I again asked Mum if she would write a story for him and record it so that he could listen at bedtime.  We went from having every excuse imaginable and countless trips back to bed, to him being happy to go to bed and sleeping right through the night!

I lent the story CD’s to my friends for their children, and they too had great results.

I suggested to Mum that she should have the stories professionally recorded so that other children could be helped.  After much research, trials and test groups, ‘Jackson & Jackson Hypnotic Bedtime Stories’ were born.

Mum wrote and recorded all the stories and I worked on the logo, the website and the admin side of things.  Today we are proud to have over 25 titles (including ones for grown-ups) available to download and help any child in the world.


We always love to hear your feedback and suggestions for problems that you may be experiencing that we haven’t yet covered.

Please contact us here.

Thank you.

Love and warmest wishes

Patricia & Suzannah