Great Value

Private hypnotherapy can cost up to £500.  Our hypnotic bedtime stories are Just £24.99 each and can be listened to as many times as you like.


Proven Results

Jackson & Jackson hypnotic bedtime stories have helped children in the UK, America, Australia and France overcome their issues.  We are constantly receiving fantastic feedback, the stories have been described as ‘amazing’ ‘unbelievably effective’ ‘all time favourite story’

100% Safe

Our hypnotic bedtime stories have been created especially for young children, to comfort and calm them in the safety of their own home at bedtime.  We all go into hypnosis everyday, it is a completely natural, normal state like when we are driving, reading, watching TV, engrossed in sport or listening to music.  Patricia has a very gentle and kind nurturing voice.  Children naturally enjoy listening to the same stories over and over again, and they will become familiar with all the characters in Wobbly Bottom Wood and Blueberry Cottage.

No Side Effects

Absolutely no negative side effects, just positive ones.  Hypnotherapy releases endorphins in the brain, (the feel good chemicals.)  It is said that half an hour of hypnotherapy is equivalent to 5 hours natural sleep.

25 Titles

There are currently 25 different downloads available for children and adults covering many different issues.  If you or your child has a problem that we haven’t yet covered, please let us know, we always love to hear from you!

Quick Solution

A child is naturally receptive to hypnotic suggestions and subliminal messages, they have vivid imaginations, so it’s very easy to access their subconscious mind effectively and results can happen very quickly.


All you have to do is put your child to bed as usual and leave the hypnotic bedtime story playing to them whilst they drift off into the world of Wobbly Bottom Wood and Blueberry cottage by the sea.

Two Therapies In One

You won’t find hypnotherapy disguised as charming bedtime stories anywhere else. Thanks to the added subliminal messages also contained within them, our hypnotic bedtime stories are so much more than just standard hypnosis,  having two ways of entering the subconscious mind.

Listen Anywhere, Any Time

Once you’ve downloaded our hypnotic bedtime stories, they can be taken anywhere.  On holiday, overnight to family or friend’s house, or in any room in your home.  No need to carry CD’s or books with you.

No Time Or Travel

There is no need to travel to see a therapist or try and fit a hypnotherapy session into your already busy family life.  Simply play the hypnotic bedtime story at bedtime for your child as part of their normal evening routine.

...Listen here to a montage of samples from some of our stories