Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download and save the stories to my phone or tablet?


From our website, select the story that you wish to buy

Select the format from the drop down menu (download)

Click ‘add to basket’

Apply your coupon (if you have one) to the box that says ‘Coupon Code’ and click ‘Apply Coupon’

Click ‘Proceed to Checkout’

Enter your details

Tick the box to confirm that you have read the terms & conditions

Click ‘Place Order’

A page will be displayed with a link to your download on it.   The download link is under where it says ‘order details’  the title of your story will be in purple writing next to where it says Download:  e.g.  Download: Sleep Well, click on the purple title of your story. You will also receive an email with the link in it too.

iPhone and iPad users….

Click on the link and the story will be streamed direct to your device for listening.
We suggest copying the link to your ‘notes’ app (or similar) for safekeeping.
Each time you want to listen, just click on the link to activate the streaming.


Download to your Mac or PC/Laptop by clicking the link.
Launch the iTunes app and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
You can import the downloaded story into iTunes and from there transfer it across you to you device.

Android users should be able to download and store the audio in their device






How do the hypnotic bedtime stories work?


Patricia has a wonderfully gentle kind voice with an English accent which achieves instant rapport with your child.  The hypnotic bedtime stories work by relaxing your child first with an induction, which is deliberately the same in each story, therefore building familiarity which helps the process.  This makes your child calm and changes their awareness from being wide awake into a receptive relaxed state of hypnosis.

Then the story itself begins, and as it is a story, children love listening to it.  Within the story, there are direct hidden suggestions (such as ‘I can do this’) and subliminal messages in the background (such as ‘I am loved very much’) which can hardly be heard by the conscious mind, but are absorbed effectively by the subconscious mind. As the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined…it literally believes what you tell it, the suggestions become true.

There are also sound effects and fun, encouraging instructions for the child to follow (such as wiggle your toes, wiggle your nose).  By doing all these things, we are able to communicate directly with the child’s subconscious mind, which is very powerful and controls their emotions and behaviour.


What are subliminal messages?


These messages are below the level of conscious awareness and go straight into the subconscious or deeper mind. The subconscious mind does not criticise and disagree with what it is hearing, it simply absorbs the information. Positive, comforting suggestions reassure your child and the difference in their behaviour and attitude can often be quite staggering, and unbelievably easy to achieve.

Our subliminal messages are listed alongside every story so you know exactly what is being put into your child’s deeper mind, whilst they simply enjoy listening to a charming bedtime story.


How can my child listen to the downloads through speakers?


You can use a jack lead to connect your phone or tablet to your docking station or stereo system using the aux or headphones socket.  This will enable your child to listen through speakers.

Tip!  Remember to put you phone in ‘do not disturb mode’ to stop any phone calls or texts coming through so that the story is uninterrupted.


What happens if my child falls asleep before the hypnotic bedtime story has finished?


That’s great! The hypnotic bedtime stories are designed to help your child sleep, you can leave the story running. The subconscious mind never sleeps, the subliminal messages and hypnotic suggestions will still be absorbed. Repetitive listening is the key to success!


Can I play the hypnotic bedtime stories in the car?


Please do not play the hypnotic bedtime stories whilst driving or operating machinery, as they can cause drowsiness. 


How effective are the hypnotic bedtime stories?


We have yet to meet anyone who has not been enthralled by our hypnotic bedtime stories. Everyone is different of course but usually results are pretty instantaneous depending upon the problem being tackled. The exception to this may be “keep your bed dry” and “dry during the day.” It is essential of course that your child is ready to receive the therapy, is old enough and has no underlying medical condition that could be causing adverse effects when of course it is recommended that you seek your doctor’s advice. If desired results are not beginning to happen after approximately 7 days simply leave it awhile before resuming play once more.


What age group are the hypnotic bedtime stories suitable for?


Although the stories are obviously aimed at younger children they are enjoyed by older children and adults who are “young at heart”. The positive suggestions when appropriate will be absorbed by the listener’s subconscious mind regardless of age.” Sleep Well” in particular is very popular with adults who often report back to us that they now sleep better than they have for years. We do ask that younger children are not allowed to use ear phones for safety reasons but adults have the added advantage that used responsibly ear phones add an extra dimension to the effectiveness of the hypnotherapy as Patricia’s voice literally feels as though it is inside their head.


Are hypnotic bedtime stories suitable for older children?


Although the stories are written ideally for children of primary school age, the hypnotic suggestions and subliminal messages will work on people of all ages.


Which devices can I download the stories onto?


You can download onto PC’s, iMacs, laptops, Macbooks, tablets, and android phones.

iPhones and iPads will stream the story directly from the website for listening.


Can I return my hypnotic bedtime story CD?


Yes!  If you change your mind, or you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, please return the CD unopened in it’s original sealed packaging for a full refund to:  Jackson & Jackson Hypnotic Bedtime Stories, 122-126 Main St, Bingley BD16 2HL England.  Sorry we are unable to refund P&P costs.


Can my child listen through headphones?


We strongly advise that you do not allow your child to listen to the stories through headphones to avoid the risk of strangulation.