How To Have A Good Nights Sleep

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Patricia is one of the top hypnotherapists in the UK. This audio is a refined version of hypnotherapy that has helped thousands of her clients over the past 20 years to overcome stress in their lives. You do not have to do anything except close your eyes, relax and listen. Feel as though you are in Patricia’s presence enjoying the soothing, caring tone, of her voice whilst the miracle works for you.  Your subconscious mind absorbs what it believes is your very own bespoke therapy.
Subliminal messages accompanied by the sound of the sea and birdsong, transport you to another dimension. You relax and overcome stress safely, enjoyably and so easily as these magical words wash over you. Embedded suggestions are hidden throughout the narrative. These suggestions go into your subconscious mind where they are absorbed becoming your reality!

Directions for use: Listen to this somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. It is fine if you fall asleep. We recommend that you listen every night for a minimum of seven nights, and then listen as often as you would like to. Enjoy!

We challenge you to stay awake during these 30 hypnotic minutes of comforting nonsense aimed at soothing you to sleep by switching off all chattering thoughts. (Our studio almost failed the challenge during recording!). As the words wash over you your subconscious mind absorbs powerful subliminal messages that it too will find almost impossible to resist.

Subliminals included:

Down, down, down.

I’m so sleepy now.

Calm, comfortable, relaxed.

I’m falling into a deep sleep.

I am happy and content.

I breath easily.

Everything is ok.

I wake refreshed and energised when it is time for me to do so.



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