How To Stop Smoking

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The only requirement for you to successfully stop smoking is the desire to do so! If you do not really want to stop this will not work, but if you do then it is the simplest, easiest and most effective method.
If you are still smoking despite having a true desire to stop it means that you did a brilliant job when you first started in convincing your mind that smoking was advantageous. You now know, with your conscious mind that there is nothing at all that is good about cigarettes. It is untrue that they relax you in fact nicotine is a stimulant. The only thing that relaxes you is taking a deep breath in as you inhale the smoke- and you do not need a cigarette to do this!
Your subconscious is far, far more powerful than your conscious mind and always wins the argument. The only way to get your subconscious and conscious mind in complete agreement is with hypnosis.
Patricia has helped thousands of smokers to stop quickly. You will still think about smoking at first but the trick is to keep telling yourself, “I’m so pleased I don’t smoke, it was killing me, making me unattractive and costing a fortune. Smoking is like committing slow suicide.”
As the saying goes you have absolutely nothing to lose except an incredibly expensive habit, smelly clothes and breath and everything to gain including better health and possibly your life.


I Love having so much more money because I do not smoke

I am a non-smoker

This is easy

I am free from smoking at last

I am so excited

I feel better each and every day

It’s as though I never smoked

I smile and say no thank you I do not smoke,when offered a cigarette

Cigarette smoke does not bother me at all

I am a non smoker

I am so proud of myself

No nee, no desire to smoke

Non smokers are happy

Non smokers are confident

I am calm confident, relaxed

I am optimistic

Non smokers are secure

I feel fresh and clean

I am nice to be near

I smile a lot because my teeth are clean

I have so much more energy now

My body feels good

No need, no desire to smoke

I am a good example to everyone around me

My skin, breath, hair, teeth breath, fingers are clean and healthy

My life is getting better and better

Thank goodness I have stopped smoking

I love walking in the fresh air






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