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As a parent or carer, it is natural that from the moment your child is born you feel like wrapping them in cotton wool to protect them from harm. It is not always easy to find the correct words to use without filling little ones with fear.
Stay Safe is packed with subliminal and direct suggestions about safety issues such as staying safe around water, being careful with matches, crossing the road, always fastening their seat belt, stranger danger and preventing getting lost.
After listening a few times, whilst focusing on the story, children will feel secure and happy, but the messages will be absorbed into their subconscious mind possibly more effectively than years of repetitive warnings from you.
In this gentle story Dicky Duck and Mabel Mallard take a holiday and meet their many friends in Wobbly Bottom Wood including Crawley Spider & Frighty Frog. Flying over a rainbow from Lovely Lake they learn that there really is a magical pot at the end belonging to Waterley Witch.
After visiting Lorraine Dormouse’s welcoming, amazing shop, ‘The Giving Tree’, where nothing is for sale, they realise they are lost but Cobbler Jack comes to the rescue with his newly made broomsticks and they are soon on their way home again, “But what about Blueberry Cottage Dicky?” Mabel enquires longingly, “We haven’t been there yet I really wanted to see Gerry Jaguar my toy friend who lives in the playroom …….”

Subliminals for Stay Safe

My body belongs to me
Speak out stay safe
My private parts are private
Its ok to say no if I feel uncomfortable
I’ll never do something wrong just because someone else tells me
I take great care before and during the time I cross the road, I look and listen carefully
I only cross a road where it is safe to do so
I never ever play with matches
I never get too close to the edge of water
I always wear a seat belt
If I get lost in a shop I ask someone who works there for help
I take care when using a knife or scissors
If someone asks me to keep something secret that I know is wrong I won’t
It’s ok to say no
I am brave
I am strong
I can do this
This is easy
If I feel nervous I tell myself I not nervous I am excited
It’s a good idea to agree on a meeting point in case I get separated from the people I am with
I memorise and know telephone numbers of people I love who look after me

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