Here are just a few of the many positive comments we have received…

Since starting school Martha had trouble getting to sleep it was like she couldn’t relax or unwind. After 2 nights of using the sleep CD she was settling on her own and was no longer up and down for hours !!! Amazing. Thank you


My daughter has listened every night to your wonderful CD’s, she has 3 now and is really looking forward to hearing more stories.  She was noticeably calmer the next morning after listening to Get up and Ready for School and we got there in plenty of time, and I was less stressed as a result too.


I was really quite heartbroken at the way my daughter reacted when her baby brother was born, she just didn’t want to know him and her behaviour changed from being really good to a little monster.  I welcomed the opportunity for her to try this‘New Baby’ CD, and I’m so glad she did, she’s herself again, and loves helping me with him, she can’t stop kissing him now!  Can’t thank you enough!


As the mother of a little boy who was terrified of darkness and what might be lurking, I was really curious to see if the ‘Afraid of the Dark’ CD could help my son who’s 4. I played it to him at bedtime every night for a week. He loved the characters in the story and could really relate to them.  He has no problem sleeping with the light off now.  He still asks to listen to it occasionally as he loves it.


After many years of interrupted sleep, of leaving the bed in the middle of the night for several hours and finally returning to resume a fitful rest I have managed for a full week to sleep the night through and seem to have returned to a positive sleep pattern for the first time in many years. This is due entirely to the Jackson and Jackson CD.

I want to say thanks to your CD, my little girl of 11 years is now having dry nights.  Your stories are inspiring and entertaining and work.  Keep up the good work, thank you!


My child was devastated when her Nanna died, no matter what I said, nothing seemed to console her.  After hearing about the ‘Bereavement’ CD, I  tried it.  I was amazed at the effect it had on her, she now tells me that she will see her Nanna again one day. 


After moving house both my children were missing their old friends and our relatives as we relocated due to my husband’s job.  They seemed unsure about things and were very clingy.  We tried the     ‘Safe & Secure’ story.  I wasn’t sure about how listening to a story could help them, but it’s not just any old story.  The hypnotherapy and subliminal messages really are magic, they are back to their old selves and have made lots of new friends.  Great!

I split up from my daughter’s father, I was worried about the effect it would have on her and I felt guilty.  She listened to the ‘Parents Separating’ story several times and after a week, she seemed much better.  She has accepted the way things are now and even comforts me if I’m feeling a bit down! I would recommend that people buy this for sure.


Last term after listening to the ‘Beat Bullying’ story a couple of times, my daughter said “Mummy, that story worked”, I wasn’t frightened like I normally am, I did what it said and she left me alone today!”  I was really relieved to hear this after many tears.  She continues to listen alternatively to this and the ‘Confidence’ CD and they really help her.  I have been taking a happy child to school ever since, what a difference!